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Album High On Life

Album High On Life

Marvara is the international folk party band of Marieke Van Ransbeeck (BE), featuring Hilke Bauweraerts (BE), Mårten Hillbom (SE), Frederik Mensink (DK) and Villads Hoffmann (DK).


"The music on this album reflects the experiences and memories of my breathtaking musical journey in the Nordic countries. In 2019 I completed my Nordic Master in Folk Music. During this master programme I travelled for two years around the North and studied at different folk music departments in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. It was a life-changing experience with the opportunity to meet tons of talented musicians and dive into different folk music scenes. In the spring of 2019 I founded Marvara with musicians that I met during my travels.


At a young age I fell in love with folk/traditional music and dance. The music provides an energy boost that makes me feel high on life. My mission is to share this feeling with the world and 'bring folk to the people' through Marvara's music. Be prepared for some highly energetic folk music and get ready to show off your best dance moves."

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